Intellitech offers the best pest control software application(Pest Management Software Dubai), to help you with managing your pest control management services. Integrating your pest control software (Dubai, UAE) business with a perfect software package helps you reduce your efforts from back office operations to other important areas of your business such as marketing and customer service. With Pestpro (Pest Control Software) you need not to waste your time for employee scheduling, inventory management, fleet management and reporting.

Pestpro(Pest Control Software Dubai) incorporates industry specific applications to help you to manage your business while saving time and money. Pestpro ( Pest Control Software) is web based application which allows you to access it from any device with an Internet connection. Your data will be secure and you will receive the latest updates automatically. Our pest control software solution integrates advanced tracking applications to help you track your inventory and materials. Pestpro(Pest Management Software UAE) allows you to print and manage all invoices and offer extra payment options to residential and commercial customers. Online payment through secure credit card processing gives new communication opportunities for customers.

Benefits of Pest Control Software / Pest Management Software

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Advanced Scheduling system
  • Efficient Enquiry handling
  • Pest Control Activity Tracking

Advantage of Pest Control Software / Pest Management Software

1. Business Automation Services

The number one benefit of web-based pest control software is advanced and complete business automation services. While other systems may offer basic and static types of business automation for invoicing and appointments, only specific advanced pest control software is designed with features just for pest control.

2. Scheduling Appointments

Eliminate all customers waiting on hold to schedule an appointment. Our web- based pest management software allows customers to schedule their own appointments and then automatically plan, clarify and check the technician’s route, and crosscheck employee schedules and their availability.

3. Capabilities of Pest Control Tracking System

Our pest control software will track anything and everything used in the pest control business industry standards. Our pest control software system will keep track of your equipment and technicians while tracking your biggest revenue sources, use of chemicals and track targeted pests in a particular area.

4. I.T Based Problems Elimination

When running a particular business firm, Information technology is part of the package, but it does not have to be a sore spot anymore. Web-based pest control software does not require any internal or external resources to manage all the strategies of pest management, no hardware service maintenance, no manual backups, server space maintenance issues, or upgrades to deal with. Our pest control software company deals with all of that. All you have to do is register, login and use all the available services and your IT staff information (if you still have one) can focus on other projects like marketing, social media and positioning your company to be successful.

5. Accessibility of Mobile / Smart Phones

Our web- based pest control software management system allows you to work from a tablet or Smartphone in your office or on the go.

6. No Downloads

Using web-based pest control software means you no longer need to download space-hogging software on every computer in your office, nor do your computers have to be networked to a main server. You just open your browser on any laptop, tablet, desktop or mobile phone and get to work properly.

7. Billing & Invoicing

Pest control software can automate customer payments, bills and invoices in order to cut costs, minimize human efforts, human errors and make sure you are paid promptly without having to call customers about their bills and invoices each month. That is the main advantage of our pest control software.

8. Security

The firmware firewalls and internet security built up around your cloud-based pest control software is likely more stable and secure than the anti-virus software on your desktop computer. Keep customer information and business financials safe and secure online.

9. Space

As your business grows, so will the information you have. Intellitech computer’s pest management software keeps up with your demand for more server space. No more purchasing servers or a backup hard driven needed to operate the pest management software system. Enjoy the convenience of customer information, store information, and account histories in one place.

Why Intellitech Provides the Best Pest Control Software in UAE?

1. Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Our pest control software is like an Outlook, but built specifically for pest service businesses. It goes beyond simple scheduling, distributes quickly for workers and adds the complete details that other pest control software systems lack to get the job done properly.

2. Recurring Jobs Software and Invoices

Our pest control software feature helps you to cut down your manual work. By setting up the repeat series of work once, your team’s calendar will be populated, reminders will be sent to staff and customers, and invoices will be sent at the completion of each job.

3. Online Booking

With Intellitech Computer, you can give the customer the option to book appointments online. They can select a service, check your available dates and times, and automatically schedule an appointment with you.

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